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we are a commercial agency in interior, decoration and lifestyle and a point of contact for professionals 

from the retail and project market in Belgium

we love slow design

an awareness to design which considers the processes and resources required to produce particularly focusing on sustainability 

It involves buying better quality that will last for longer and values fair treatment of people, animals and planet 

we love our portfolio

high quality sustainable products selected and manufactured for fair prices with the environment and with the well-being 

of those who make and use them in mind



HKliving is a Dutch interior brand founded by Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver. The combination of a creative mind and a mathematical brain has turned out to be a winning formula. HKliving creates accessible collections inspired by traditional and useable designs while respecting its history, but always to give it a modern look and feel

Urban nature culture

urban nature culture

With a lifelong experience in home and lifestyle collections, entrepreneur and wayfarer in life Anne Marie Hermans is proud to bring you the brand that mirrors her vision on the world: Always on the look-out for new inspiration for her home deco collections, Anne Marie finds unforgettable stories far beyond her hometown of Amsterdam. 



loves to live green and design products with respect to the planet and it’s people they have made it their goal to create interior objects that are original & sustainable and contribute to a social cause at the same time. they love to bring you closer to nature and inspire you to design and characterize your home, office or any other spaces in your own original way.



Local artisans make the most beautiful items, handmade and traditional. Products that have been obtained in an honest way and tell the unique story of the artisan. Compiling the collections with great care, Inspired by what nature has to offer the style is characterized by a natural look and ensures lovers of the brand have unique products in their hands: no item is the same

liv interior

liv interior

liv was founded in 2005 by Tina and Asad their combined ressources form the cultural mix reflects in the design of all liv products. the collection is created with cultural references to journeys around the world. Equally important to the look and feel is the background of the products, produced under ethical conditions of recyceled or reclaimed materials, to offer you a green living design



makes fragrance products with pure ingredients, with love for people, animals and nature. sustainable products made with great care by hand in the Good Vibe LAB a good scent is very important for the well-being and mood of a person. A sustainable and honest product with a beautiful story that fits with

B lifestyle

i’m designed in Belgium & hand made in Portugal in 100% organic material with the environment and the well-being of those who wear me in mind.

Soon to be revealed !

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